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Bascom’s Rain Damage Costs Drop 40% Last Year; Bengaluru Hit the Hardest

Bangalore is experiencing a pleasant day today, June 9, 2024, with a current temperature of 25.94°C. The forecast for the day predicts temperatures ranging from a low of 20.68°C to a high of 28.08°C. Relative humidity stands at 62%, and the wind speed is a brisk 62 km/h. The sun rose at 5:52 AM and will set at 6:45 PM.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, June 10, 2024, the weather is expected to be similar, with temperatures fluctuating between 20.48°C and 27.44°C. The humidity level will slightly decrease to 61%.

Today’s forecast includes rain, so it’s advisable to plan your day accordingly. Despite the wet weather, the sun will make appearances, so remember to carry sunscreen and sunglasses if you step out to enjoy the weather.

In terms of air quality, Bangalore is currently enjoying good conditions with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 20. This indicates that the air is clean and safe, allowing residents to comfortably engage in outdoor activities and daily routines without any health concerns.

In other news, the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) has reported a significant reduction in losses due to rain damage. For the fiscal year 2023-24, Bescom’s losses decreased by 40%, amounting to Rs 15 crore, down from Rs 25 crore in the previous year. Despite these improvements, the city of Bangalore suffered the highest losses within Bescom’s jurisdiction, with heavy rains and strong winds damaging 790 electric poles and 351 transformers, costing Rs 6.2 crore.

Across eight districts under Bescom’s jurisdiction, 4,612 electric poles were uprooted, and 696 transformers were damaged. The extensive damage to power lines, spanning 5.7 lakh km, required fresh installations worth Rs 2.7 crore. Additionally, 239 double-pole structures were damaged, costing Rs 62.2 lakh in repairs.

The strong winds accompanying the rain also disrupted agricultural operations, causing damage to pumps and motors of tubewells used for irrigation. This added to the challenges faced by farmers dealing with adverse weather conditions. To address these issues, Bescom has maintained an inventory of spare electrical equipment for immediate replacement of damaged infrastructure. As soon as complaints are received, Bescom ensures prompt replacement to maintain uninterrupted power supply.

Proactive measures are also being taken by Bescom to clear trees and branches that might interfere with electric poles, wires, and transformers. Instructions have been issued to clear potentially hazardous branches and dead trees from main roads, residential areas, and forest zones to prevent future disruptions.

Overall, while Bangalore enjoys good weather and air quality, the city and Bescom are working diligently to address the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions and to ensure a reliable power supply for all residents.

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