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2 trains collided in West Bengal. This is the second train accident in June 2023.

The operations at   Kharagpur–Bankura–Adra line have been stopped because of the collision of 2 goods trains at Bankura in the Onda railway station of West Bengal. Several engines and the carts of the train were damaged in the accident.

The visuals of two goods trains that collided in West Bengal were shared on social media.

This accident took place over 20 days after the terrible quadruple accident that took place in the Balasore district of Odisha on 2nd June which involved three trains i.e Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel express, passenger train and a goods train . The Coromandel express crashed the goods train which was halted on the tracks. Several compartments were damaged and landed on the passenger train which was traveling from Bengaluru to Howrah at the same time and derailed the train compartments. Almost 275 people lost their lives and 1000 people were injured in that collision.

The South Eastern Railway station had canceled 14 trains, deviated 3 trains and 2 trains were terminated due to the damage that was caused because of the train accident at Ondagram Station.

The shifting of BRN (Railway Maintenance train) was happening at the Ondagram station and the BCN (goods train) trespassed the stop signal and hit the maintenance train. Over eight wagons were disturbed at the station near 4.05 hrs.The Mail line of UP and the up loop line was restored earlier at 7.45 hrs.

As per the PTI, “The damaged wagons were detached from the tracks, and a passenger train (Howrah-Chakradharpur express) passed the track at 8.35 in the morning”.

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