BJP Accused of 25 Crore Offer to AAP MLAs in Operation Lotus 2.0, Sparking Debate on Alleged Political Horse Trading

the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has raised serious allegations against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), accusing them of orchestrating a campaign known as “Operation Lotus 2.0” with the intention of destabilizing the elected Delhi government. AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to social media to shed light on the alleged attempts by the BJP to lure AAP MLAs away from the party through bribery.

Kejriwal stated in a post, “Recently, they (BJP) have contacted our 7 MLAs from Delhi and said – We will arrest Kejriwal after a few days. After that, we will break the MLAs. Talks have been held with 21 MLAs. Talking to others as well. After that, we will topple the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi. You also come, we will give you Rs 25 crore and get you to contest the elections on BJP ticket.”

The AAP leader disclosed that, according to their information, only 7 MLAs have been contacted so far, and all of them have reportedly refused the alleged inducements. Kejriwal strongly asserted that this purported plan is not about investigating any wrongdoing but is a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected government in Delhi.

He emphasized, “In the last nine years, they have hatched many conspiracies to topple our government. But they did not have any success. God and the people always supported us. All our MLAs are also strongly united. This time also, these people will fail in their nefarious intentions.”

Delving into the motives behind the alleged operation, Kejriwal suggested that the BJP is aware of the immense support the AAP government enjoys among the people of Delhi. Despite the challenges thrown at them, the AAP government, according to Kejriwal, has made significant strides in governance, which has garnered immense public love and support.

“The people of Delhi love ‘AAP’ immensely. Therefore, it is not in their power to defeat AAP in the elections. So they want to topple the government by making arrests on the pretext of a fake liquor scam,” read the post by the Delhi Chief Minister.

This latest episode adds to the ongoing political tensions between the AAP and the BJP, reflecting the cutthroat nature of politics in the national capital. The AAP remains confident that the people’s support, coupled with the unity of their MLAs, will thwart any attempts to destabilize the government. As the situation unfolds, political observers and citizens alike will keenly watch the developments surrounding the alleged “Operation Lotus 2.0.”

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