Can running help in loosing belly fat? 

Before knowing about how to lose belly fat, let’s understand what Belly fat is.

Belly fat is also called visceral fat and it is a type of fat that is stored deep in the abdomen and it surrounds the organs. Some body fat is useful for survival but excessive belly fat is connected to health issues and leads to problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

Burning more calories than the consumption is needed to lose belly fat, hence being caloric deficit is important. Running is one such way to help this, but the effect completely depends on the duration and intensity of the workout. Compared to lower-intensity running, higher-intensity running helps burn more fat overall, but higher-intensity running burns a lower percentage of fat calories. 

Along with the controlled diet, running assists in losing belly fat by creating a caloric deficit. One pound of body fat can be lost with every 3,500 calories burned above the daily intake, in which some may come from the belly. 

Here are the 4 tips for losing belly fat through running:

  1. Know your numbers: Daily energy expenditure needs to be understood and to ensure a caloric deficit, calorie intake must be tracked.
  2. Do HIIT Training: HIIT (High-intensity interval training) helps in effective burning of fat and it incorporates hill sprints and fast intervals in the running routine.
  3. Run more: In order to burn more calories, either running longer or running more frequently can help. Hence the running volume must be increased.
  4. Strength Train: Lean muscle building helps boost the metabolic rate and aids in burning belly fat. Hence strength training is essential to build lean muscle. 

On the whole, for losing belly fat along with a controlled diet, running and opting for the right approach for training will be an effective idea. It is essential to remember that immediate reduction is not possible, but to reduce the overall fat including the abdominal part, running contributes a lot. To carry on the running routine and diet, and for best results in reducing belly fat, staying consistent is important. 

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