Centre brings ordinance against supreme Court order.  Delhi Government will challenge the ordinance in SC.

The Central Government made an announcement last Friday to terminate the recent order given by the Supreme Court regarding the control over the officials who were dealing with things other than police, land and public order. The total authority over the cadre officers was given to Lieutenant Governor in the National Capital Civil Service Authority.

This Authority has been created by the Government of National Capital Civil Service Authority of Delhi Ordinance, 2023, to handle the postings, transfers and service conditions of the officers. The Chief Minister of Delhi in the capacity of ex-officio will be the head of the committee, principal home secretary and the chief secretary of Delhi will be the ex-officio members of the committee. The Lieutenant Governor will make the final decisions in case of any conflicts of opinions that arise in the committee.

The authority came into force when the Aam Aadmi Party government was enjoying its success in the Supreme Court, who was acting through the Lieutenant Governor in the city of Delhi to supervise the services and seemed to be forcefully driving it by manipulating the selected officers. The reaction of the Central Government should instigate them to stop the possibilities of protests.

Delhi education minister Atishi made a statement that it is a ‘clear cut case of contempt of court’. The LG is the representative of the Committee who is responsible to take the final decisions. “The Supreme Court’s Constitution decision was opposed by the Modi Government. It said that the government which is elected will be given all powers to make decisions as per the democratic principles and independently by their will. But this committee is the reflection of failure by the Modi Government”. She added that the only motive of this authority is to grab all the powers from the Kejirwal government.

“It is crystal clear that the Modi government is scared of Kejirwal’s Government , we actively condemn this act of cowardice by the Central government”- said the education Minister Atishi.

She also said that- “The Prime Minister thought that this new power announced by the Supreme Court would help the Arvind Kejriwal’s government to operate 10 times better. So, to stop his actions, he has come up with a new thought which is not democratic nor constitutional,”

Saurabh Bharadwaj, Health Minister made a statement that the “The Supreme Court has given the permission for Kejriwal to carry on with his duties as per the constitution in Delhi, but it was snatched by the Central Government by dishonesty and cheating. The Central Government is not ready to accept the Kejriwal government in a small city like Delhi”.

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