Chinese icecream tested corona positive

Chinese icecream tested corona positive.

Tianjin Daqiaodao Food CO., Ltd which produces ice cream and frozen desserts was sealed soon after the north China’s Tianjin city Municipal Authorities traced contamination in ice cream produced by the company when three of their ice cream samples tested positive for coronavirus. According to the reports the firm has produced around 4836 boxes of ice cream out of which more than 2000 boxes in storage were sealed. All the products produced by the company were sealed after the samples were sent to the municipal centre for disease control.

The Epidemiological investigations states that the raw materials used by the firm to produce the batch of ice cream included milk powder imported from New Zealand and whey powder imported from Ukraine.

  The employees of the company had to undergo nucleic acid tests by following the Tianjin Centre for Disease Control guidance, around 1600 employees were placed under quarantine. 

The authorities are trying their best to trace the contacts because a total of nearly 935 ice cream boxes have gone out for sale in the market out of which only 65 of them were sold. Hence the authorities have asked the residents to report about their health and physical movements to those in their communities if they have bought the product by any chance. Even the market regulation authorities, shops and restaurants in close proximity where the ice cream was sent were informed about the contamination in order to keep a track of the situation.   

In the previous year as per the reports  coronavirus was traced on the package of frozen food in China and also in the month of july the imports of frozen shrimps were restricted in China after the presence of virus was found on the packages and in the container.

In the month of August the World Health Organization(WHO) mentioned that “ People should not fear food, food packaging or delivery of food”.

Now, though we have got vaccines for the deadly virus the shocking news about the discovery of presence of virus in ice cream has created a fear in the minds of the people as they are already worried about the spread of the new covid virus.

However, the authorities are focusing on adapting preventive measures, disinfecting the environment, tracking the close contacts who came in contact with the ice cream and quarantine.

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