Delta Variant a new threat to our economy?

During this ongoing pandemic we witnessed various COVID variants like Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. But Delta variant spotted in India initially proved to be the most transmissible one among all of them. As per World Health Organizations’ weekly epidemiological update, the Delta variant of SAR- CoV-2 has been detected in 96 countries, 11 more than last week. 

“The Delta variant also known as “double mutant”( holds two mutations)  is 55 per cent more transmissible than the Alpha Variant, it will become the dominant strain of coronavirus globally”,WHO  mentioned.

It further added that, though the increased transmissibility of Variants Of Concerns(VOC) indicates that measures may need to be maintained for longer periods of time, particularly in a context of low vaccination coverage, these measures must be targeted, time bound, reinforced and supported by member states.

Earlier Alpha Variant detected in the UK seemed very infectious but now Delta Variant has taken the dominating role. Nearly 90 per cent of  cases in the UK are detected to be of Delta Variant. This variant has increased the hospitalization rate by 85 per cent for the patients than those infected with the Alpha Variant. There was a rapid increase in fresh new cases and deaths as per the reports. 

From the past few weeks there has been a drop in COVID cases and deaths in India but recently several states received advisory about Delta Plus variant and preventive measures for it. 

 According to the sources, Alpha variant cases have been reported in 172 countries, territories or areas, Beta variant in over  120 countries, Gamma variant in 72 countries  while Delta variant was reported in 96 counties. In the upcoming months  Delta variant might become the dominating one.

Currently the economy worldwide is trying to recover from the COVID-19 crisis but the Delta variant appears to be a threat for it. So to prevent the spread of double mutant the containment measures, rule and regulations imposed locally may be followed for a longer period of time. 


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