Congress Mock’s BJP’s Latest Effort to Distrupt Karnataka Government

The Congress party is worried about what the Karnataka BJP is up to. They accused the opposition party of trying to cause trouble for the government. It is like a game of chess, where politicians are making moves against each other which could disrupt the state government’s functions.

In Karnataka, right now, the Congress party is in charge of the state government. Siddaramaiah took responsibility as chief minister on May 20 after the Congress secured a significant victory, removing the BJP from power.

The BJP is the main opposition party, and they really want to take control. So, it’s like a big competition where both sides are trying to pull each other’s leg. The Congress party is accusing the BJP of using tricks to create chaos in the state. As per the Indian Express report, the allegation arose when Mandya’s Congress MLA Ravikumar Gowda claimed that a group of BJP leaders are attempting to topple the Congress-led government. He stated that, soon he will come out with video evidence to prove this.

He further alleged that the same group which played a role in the downfall of the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in 2019 is now trying to entice Congress legislators with offers including Rs 50 crore and ministerial positions. It seems like four legislators have already been approached.

Even Congress General Secretary, K C Venugopal, criticized the BJP, saying that a party without clear leadership or agenda is resorting to its old tactics of undermining the people’s mandate. He accused the Karnataka BJP of attempting to destabilize the government under the direction of their leaders in Delhi.

Overall, the Congress is asserting that the BJP is engaged in a campaign to weaken and potentially overthrow their government in Karnataka through various means, including enticing legislators with offers of financial incentives and positions of power. They are prepared to provide evidence to support these claims.

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