Congress Unveils Pro-Citizen Measures: Free Bus Service Extended to Telangana, Following Karnataka’s Lead

In a groundbreaking move, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has announced a new initiative offering free bus travel to women, girls, students, and the third gender across the state. The much-anticipated scheme is set to kick off on Saturday, with Chief Minister Revanth Reddy officially launching the program.

During a media briefing on Friday, TSRTC Managing Director VC Sajjanar highlighted the key aspects of the initiative. Free bus travel will be available to women starting from 2 pm, encompassing both city ordinary and metro express services in Hyderabad. In addition to women, girls, students, and the third gender will also benefit from this initiative, traveling at no cost.

The scope of the initiative extends to intra-state travel, where women can avail themselves of free rides in both ‘palle velugu’ and express bus services. This ambitious move is expected to incur an annual cost of 3,000 crores on the state, reflecting the government’s commitment to prioritizing public welfare and accessibility.

Sajjanar acknowledged the potential challenges that may arise due to increased congestion in buses as a result of the initiative. To accommodate the surge in demand, approximately 7,200 buses will be deployed to ensure smooth and efficient transportation for all passengers.

“At present, women constitute 40% of the patronage, and with this initiative, we anticipate this figure to rise to 55%. In order to streamline the process, zero-cost tickets will be issued to women upon presenting their ID proofs,” Sajjanar explained.

This visionary step by the Telangana government not only aims to empower women but also underscores the commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in public transportation. As the state braces for the anticipated increase in the number of passengers utilizing the free travel scheme, the TSRTC remains steadfast in its dedication to providing reliable and affordable transportation services to all. The launch of this initiative marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of creating a more equitable and accessible public transport system in Telangana.

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