India faces the scarcity of oxygen.

The spike in Covid positive cases across India has resulted in the shortage of medical oxygen and hospital beds. Today a daily rise of over 3,49,691 new covid infections was recorded in our country, the overall tally being 1,69,60,172, according to NDTV news.

According to the data collected by the health ministry, nearly 2,767 deaths were reported today.

The second wave of Coronavirus has a situation where it seems like the health infrastructure of the country may collapse. Earlier, as of 12th April 2021 our country’s demand for medical oxygen was 3,842 tonnes but later it kept increasing rapidly.

The capital city of India is running out of oxygen. Private hospitals in Delhi have flagged the shortage of oxygen stocks. Many hospitals like Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, Shanti Mukund Hospital, Tirath Ram Shah Hospital, Batra Hospital, Jaipur Golden Hospital, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital etc had struggled to arrange medical oxygen for the patients. The conditions were so bad that hospitals had to approach the Delhi High Court in order to appeal for the release of oxygen by suppliers. 

Arvind Kejriwal’s government had mentioned that the access to the allotted quota was also a problem as the tankers were being stopped by the state authorities of their locality. Therefore the High Court ordered the Centre to ensure supplies to Delhi with a dedicated corridor and paramilitary forces’ protection to tankers and States are not supposed to impose restrictions on the movement of oxygen, added the Centre. Even supply of oxygen for industrial purposes was banned due to the current requirements.

Indian railways have been activated for the movement of tankers from refilling plants to required locations. The Air force’s cargo planes are used to transport empty tankers to the production area. 

In order to face the scarcity the government has taken a decision to import oxygen concentrated from abroad. According to the sources,they have ordered around ten thousand oxygen concentrators and the oxygen concentrators importation will begin from the upcoming week. 

Many private companies have come forward to help our government to import oxygen concentrators to India.

According to ANI, a government official has mentioned that, “Operating under air bubble with the USA, the next flight of Air India from San Francisco (SFO) to Delhi will carry a large number of oxygen concentrators to India next week. Likewise from Chicago too. 

The government of India is making all the possible efforts to handle the uncertainties. The pandemic has created a pell-mell situation for the country’s health infrastructure.


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