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Country’s largest car makers shut their factories to save lives

          Maruti Suzuki, the largest automobile industry in India made a huge decision in the covid crisis. Oxygen is used in the automobile industry for various purposes like windshields and lightings, airbags, tires and many more and a comparatively large quantity is used in manufacturing other various components of a car along with other gases.

            In this situation of rise of covid cases in India and a need for oxygen which has relatively become high, Maruti Suzuki wanted to extend their support to the Government of India by shutting their Haryana factory from May 1st to May 9th which was earlier decided to be shut in June 2021. The Gujarat factory of Maruti Suzuki has also taken a similar decision to extend their support. The company has given the statement that instead of waiting till June to shut the factories for maintenance they will be doing it right away so that the oxygen will be made available for the medical purposes. Instead of donating funds Maruti Suzuki decided to  support the Government of India by closing their factories for 9 days which will affect their share price in the market as well their quarter profits. But they are thinking about the need of the hour and are doing their bit for the country by shutting their factories in two different locations.

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