The origin of the Corona Virus

           Coronavirus are a part of the large virus family that attacks the upper respiratory tract. They are transmissible viruses and once affected to any human, show through various symptoms which can be treated.        

               The search for the origin of the virus was done by the World Health Organisation and is said that the investigation and the organisation is going to be independent but WHO is owned and operated by the sovereign of the United Nations and one of which is China so the experts don’t believe that the research is happening independently. Various experts from around the world have sat down to discuss this issue and have made a research study on the origin of the virus.         

                 Many questions were raised when the origin of the virus was to be found. Did Coronavirus emerge from a bat infested copper mine 8 years ago in a tiny town of Tugun, a remote area of Yuan province of Southwest China where 3 men who worked there died of a disease almost identical to covid 19? And what happened to the infected human blood samples when they were brought to a laboratory in Wuhan in the city at the centre of the covid crisis? The World Health Organisation has put the pandemic under investigation to know the origin of the coronavirus. 

              Two weeks after entering the coal mine the miners’ died of a flu-like illness. In around 2012 this incident took place and the medical reports of those men showed that they died of symptoms which were identical to those of covid 19. The blood samples of those men were sent 1500 kms north to a highest security bio lab to Wuhan institute of virology.

                 Wuhan institute of virology which is run by Xi Jiangli who’s known as bat woman because of her work with bat diseases has confirmed that they had taken blood samples of the infected miners to conduct a research on the bat coronavirus in the name of Ratg13 and the type of research conducted there leads to the theory that covid 19 came from this laboratory.

                  It involved manipulation of viruses for research which made them incredibly dangerous. Experts says that the Ratg13 virus has been deliberately converted into corona virus in the lab through the controversial and risky research technique called Gain of Function Engineering which is one of the way genetic engineering of pathogen is done where the virus is sent through an animal host over and over again and speeding up nature and evolution by hundreds and thousands of years. Back in the days this genetic experiment was banned in the United States and then it moved on to Wuhan to conduct these types of research as it was not banned in China and is still legal in most of the countries around the world.

           There is an enormous scientific support for the theory that the corona virus occurred naturally having passed from the bats to another animal possibly a Pangolin transported to Wuhan and then made the leap to humans in a wet market where wildlife is sold as food.

              The puzzling fact is that many of the first covid 19 victims are not connected to the wet market in Wuhan and the experts say that the market cannot be the origin of the virus. Another interesting fact is that many tests were conducted on the animals that were sold there and there were no traces of the virus in those animals. 

             Before the scientific research was concluded a blame game was started on China where the American President Donald Trump started adding China’s name with the virus or the pandemic situation that had been created. In most of his interviews and public speeches he started the Blame game which made half of the world to believe that the virus originated from China. But this idea of the President led to the legitimate investigation of the origin of the virus.

                China reacted angrily when Donald Trump blamed China for the pandemic and spread of the disease and even against anyone else who questioned China about the virus. When Australia raised its voice for conducting an international independent inquiry for the origin of the virus, Chinese believed that the Australians have joined the United Nations to oppress China.

               In early 2020 experts had visited the Wuhan laboratory to conduct their investigation but in 2 weeks they returned back stating that the research will be kept on halt for the time being. Few days after this incident the head of WHO made a public announcement that the reports on the origin of the virus will be released soon with all facts and evidence.

                The authorities near the coal mines were not allowing any outsiders to enter that region to conduct any researches which leads to the belief that covid 19 has come from that laboratory

             There are a few evidences from China where the doctors and the medical experts knew about the virus and its ability to transmit from humans to humans but were forced by the local authorities to not to tell it to anybody and even the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations were allowed to take place in spite of knowing the health risks. 

                   In December 2019 the virus that hit Wuhan first and later to the world slowly. As the world seeks answers for the origin of the virus what was once dismissed as a conspiracy theory has become a legitimate scientific debate. The experts after the debate come to the conclusion that China may not have deliberately been the reason for the spread of the virus but at the same time misinformed WHO and in return the world about the transmission of the virus from one person to another. They also observed that this pandemic instead of being the reason for various countries to come together to fight the enemy but became an international bickering, finger-pointing, blame shifting game because of geopolitics.

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