CBSE announces Class 10th result date and the assessment procedure.

While CBSE Class 10th students are eagerly waiting for their results and are confused about marks allotment due to the cancellation of Board examination, here comes a notice from Central Board of Secondary Education. The notice had the procedure of assessment and the final result date for the current academic year, mentioned in it. As per the notice the marks will be evaluated on the basis of student’s performance in the previous tests conducted by their respective schools throughout the year. Marks obtained in unit test, mid-term and pre-Board examinations will be taken into consideration along with internal assessment. Finally after the evaluation the results shall be announced on 20th June 2021.

The special marking scheme has been set up as follows, 10marks for Unit test performance, 30 marks for performance in Mid-term examination, and  40 marks for pre-Board exam performance. So as a total 80 marks will be accorded as a grand total of these tests and remaining 20marks is allotted for internal assessment.  As mentioned above performance in these three exams are considered because these are commonly conducted in most CBSE-affiliated schools. Hence it would be apt for a marking scheme. 

In case if the school has missed out in conducting any of these exams then the school result committee shall  decide up on the criterion to award 80 marks. The schools must provide a proper document about the assessment of 80 marks. For instance if any school has conducted more than one pre-Board exams then they can take average marks into count or the best out of all or weightage of each exam can be considered. 

The marks must be in consonance with the school’s past performance in Class 10th Board examinations.

All the schools are informed to form a result committee consisting of 8 members which will include Principal and seven teachers in order to finalize the results. There must be subject teachers like Mathematics, Social Science, Science and two languages along with two teachers from neighboring schools should be co-opted by the school as the external members of the committee. 

By May 25th the schools have been asked to finalize the results and  submit to CBSE Board by 5th June  and by 11th June the schools have to submit internal assessment marks, so that the Board can declare the results by 20th June 2021. 

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