Dry days in Telangana, liquor shops will remain closed on November 28th, 29th, and 30th.

In the forthcoming Telangana Assembly Elections, the state’s excise department has made a significant announcement that is set to impact the liquor retail industry. Wine shops will remain closed for a three-day period, deemed as ‘Dry Days,’ as part of the election preparations. The Election Day is scheduled for the 30th of this month, and will witness the shuttering of all liquor shops and bars throughout the state. In addition to this, November 28 and 29 have also been marked as dry days. However, there is relief for those who enjoy their spirits, as wine shops are reserved to reopen on December 1.

The decision to have dry days, where liquor shops are closed, follows the rules from the Central Election Commission (CEC). To make sure the election is fair and peaceful; the government wants to stop the sale of alcohol during certain days. They have told the State Excise Department to make sure this happens. They also suggest telling bar and wine shop owners in advance so they can prepare for these rules.

As the state gears up for the assembly elections, the notification for the polls was released on a Friday, marking the commencement of the electoral process. Notably, on the very first day of the nomination submission, a substantial number of candidates, totaling 94, stepped forward to contest in the upcoming elections. This highlights the political engagement and enthusiasm of both aspiring leaders and the electorate in Telangana.

In conjunction with the preparations for the elections, the police department has initiated extensive checks and inspections throughout the state. Their primary aim is to detect and confiscate any undisclosed cash, gold, or any other resources that might be exploited inappropriately throughout the electoral process. These strict actions are designed to uphold the integrity of the electoral procedure and to baffle any unlawful financial activities that could compromise the democratic ideals of equitable and open elections.

The decision to close wine shops and bars for continuous three days, which includes Election Day, reflects the government’s dedication to maintaining a transparent and untainted electoral process in Telangana. This measure in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Central Election Commission (CEC) is geared towards prohibiting the sale of alcohol during a pivotal period on the state’s political calendar. As the electoral machinery kicks into gear, it is evident that both the government and law enforcement agencies are determined to uphold the faith of the democratic process and safeguard it against any potential malpractices.

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