Exit Polls: BJP-Led NDA Expected to Win 350+ Seats, INDIA Bloc to Get Less Than 200

On Saturday, exit polls for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections revealed a likely historic third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is projected to secure more than 350 seats, comfortably crossing the halfway mark in the Lok Sabha. In contrast, the Opposition INDIA bloc is expected to win fewer than 200 seats. Vote counting for all seven phases of the election will take place on June 4.

Among the ten exit polls, most suggest that the NDA will win at least 350 seats, though falling short of the 400-seat milestone. However, three exit polls—India Today-My Axis India, India TV-CNX, and News24-Today’s Chanakya—predict that the NDA will exceed 400 seats. According to India Today-My Axis India, the NDA could secure between 361 and 401 seats, while the INDIA bloc may get between 131 and 166 seats. Other parties are expected to win 8 to 20 seats.

India TV-CNX exit poll results indicate that the NDA might win between 371 and 401 seats, with the INDIA bloc securing 109 to 139 seats, and others likely receiving 28 to 38 seats. News24-Today Chanakya forecasts that the NDA will achieve 400 seats, with the BJP alone garnering 335 seats. The INDIA alliance is expected to win 107 seats, with Congress obtaining 50 of those seats.

Several other exit polls also project significant wins for the NDA. Republic Bharat-Matrize predicts the NDA will win 353 to 368 seats, with the INDIA bloc winning 118 to 133 seats and other candidates securing 43 to 48 seats. India News D Dynamics forecasts 371 seats for the NDA, 125 to 133 seats for the INDIA bloc, and 30 seats for other parties.

Republic Bharat-P Marq anticipates the NDA will win 359 seats, the INDIA bloc 154 seats, and other parties 30 seats. Jan Ki Baat exit poll estimates 362 to 392 seats for the NDA, 141 to 161 seats for the INDIA bloc, and 10 to 20 seats for others. News Nation predicts the NDA will win 342 to 378 seats, with the INDIA bloc securing 153 to 169 seats.

NDTV India-Jan Ki Baat projects 362 to 392 seats for the NDA, 141 to 161 seats for the INDIA bloc, and 10 to 20 seats for other parties. ABP-C Voters forecast 353 to 383 seats for the NDA, 152 to 182 seats for the INDIA bloc, and 4 to 12 seats for other parties. Times Now-ETG predicts 358 seats for the NDA, 152 for the INDIA bloc, and 33 for other parties. Dainik Bhaskar projects 281 to 350 seats for the NDA, 145 to 201 seats for the INDIA bloc, and 33 to 49 seats for others.

News18 exit poll predicts the NDA will win 355 to 370 seats, with the INDIA bloc securing 125 to 140 seats and other parties obtaining 42 to 52 seats. According to News18, the BJP is expected to win 305 to 315 seats, while the Congress is likely to get 62 to 72 seats.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence in the results, stating on social media that the people of India have voted in record numbers to reelect the NDA government. Modi criticized the INDIA bloc, labeling them as opportunistic, casteist, communal, and corrupt. He argued that the alliance, aimed at protecting a handful of dynasties, failed to present a futuristic vision for the nation.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge expressed optimism, claiming that the INDIA bloc parties would win over 295 seats, citing an internal survey. He mentioned that the INDIA bloc had sought time from the Election Commission to ensure proper measures during vote counting.

In a surprising move, the Congress announced on Saturday that it would participate in exit poll debates, reversing its earlier decision to abstain. BJP chief J.P. Nadda commented that the Congress’ initial decision to avoid exit poll debates was an unequivocal confirmation of their conceded defeat in the elections.

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