Facial recognition system

Now class 10 and 12 students can access their documents digitally using ‘facial recognition system’ said the CBSE.

As per the announcement made on 22nd October 2020 by the central board on its official Twitter page, CBSE has introduced a “facial recognition system” for the students in order to access class 10 and 12 digital academic documents in the digi locker.

Amid the pandemic,The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced facial recognition system to enable students to access and download documents from the app without submitting the Adhar card and contact details.

According to the statement of CBSE the application has a digital image of the students stored in the database. In order to access the live image of  students will be matched with the stored one’s. This feature authenticates students to download the required documents.

Students can find this application on digital platforms such as ‘Parniaam Manjusha’ and Digi Locker. CBSE has updated DigiLocker with around 12 crore digital academic documents. Hence students of class 10 and 12 students can now access their digital certificates and marksheets using facial recognition system.

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