Fly Dubai’s plane engine fails after take off, hoping for landing in Kathmandu

On Monday, the Fly Dubai FZ575 plane took off from Kathmandu, a loud sound was heard near Patna’s Koteshwor, Imadol. The blazing plane was observed, the lives of people on board might be in danger and an emergency landing is very much difficult during these times. This could be a tough time for the pilot while estimating fuel details for landing. According to Air Traffic Control (ATC) this is caused due to a problem in the engine. Before the situation goes out of control, there are chances of flight landing in Kathmandu or New Delhi Airport  as the discussion goes on about where to land, whether in TIA, Kathmandu, New Delhi Airport or any other close by Airport.

This year in the month of January, Nepal plane crash was witnessed. Nepal’s Yeti Airlines plane crashed as the propellers of both engines failed at the time of landing. The plane’s engine failure and lack of availability of wings angle killed more than 70 innocent  lives.

Today’s incident will be the next one after the plane crash on January 15th. It is so unfortunate and uncertain to hear about such life taking circumstances. At this point, the stress built upon the people who are trying to manage everything carefully to control the situation is unimaginable. Let us all pray and hope for the safety of people in the plane.

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