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Greece to resume back with tourism?

Greece located in Southeast Europe is known for the origin of democracy, western philosophy, western literature, historiography, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, theatre and Olympic Games. The place is also known for its beautiful scenery. People from all around the world visit Greece every year for its attractive places and it is also said to be the safest place to travel for the tourists. Tourism is the key element of the economic activity in the country. Due to pandemic eruption from 2019, there has been lockdowns in many countries and also people have developed a fear in their minds to travel. Hence, Greece has been hit hard as many people in the Islands of Greece rely on the income from tourism.

Greece is coming with a new campaign called “Operation Blue Freedom” and the reason for the campaign is that they want to attract the tourists towards the beautiful places of Greece and also through this to increase the revenue of Greece where people are dependent on tourism for income.

Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis has given the statement that they are welcoming tourists back to Greece by vaccinating the locals above 18 years by the end of this month and making the place “Covid-free” and also regular tests are conducted to both locals and visitors for safe travel.

There are many tourist guides, diving instructors, hotel owners, shopkeepers and many more local residents who are waiting for the tourists to get back on their holidays to Greece so that they can earn money for their living. They say that they all have been vaccinated, have regular tests and take all precautionary measures to keep the place safe. The only expectation from the tourists is that they also get vaccinated, get the regular tests done and wear masks while wandering around the city which will keep everyone safe and the travelling experience can be made joyful.

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