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Hike in milk price- Rs. 70 per liter, milk a luxury good in India ?

In our everyday life, there are many things that differentiate between the rich and the poor. It is mainly determined by the things they spend on. However, there is one thing that is common for nearly all classes- the very basic necessity, milk. The shocking and sad news is Amul milk has hiked its milk prices by 3 rupees. From small hikes from time to time, it brings us to the question if one day milk will become so expensive that not everyone can afford it anymore, though the price increase may not be much now.

With the 3 rupees increase across all variants, the prices per litre finally come to:
Amul Gold- 66 rupees
Amul Taaza- 54 rupees
Amul cow milk-56 rupees
Amul A2 buffalo milk- 70 rupees

The 3 rupees price hike is not really the shocking part- the surprising factor is the fact that the GCMMF(Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation) had already hike the prices of Amul gold, which is the full cream, and buffalo milk by 2 rupees per litre in each market except for Gujarat, ahead of Diwali as said by former Amul MD RS Sodhi. Mr. Sodhi also reasoned on India Today about the previous 2 rupee hike that it was done due to an increase in fat prices in some markets in Gujarat, only applying to gold and buffalo milk as a result of higher dairy prices.

Perceiving Amul’s action as a role model, Model Dairy has also decided to increase their prices of full-cream milk and cow milk by 2 rupees per litre with effect from October 16 in Delhi- NCR and some other markets in North India.

The price increase may be valuable from a business angle, but it will definitely affect consumers today or tomorrow, big or small, for sure.

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