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“India – Nellore Unearths 450+ Ancient Gold Coins from Delhi Sultanate & Vijayanagara Kingdom”

In a momentous archaeological discovery, an impressive collection of over 450 gold coins has been uncovered from a site near the Ankalamma temple in the quaint Chittepalli village, nestled within the Nellore district this Wednesday.This astonishing find provides a fascinating glimpse into the historical treasures concealed beneath the earth’s surface.

The gold coins, dated back from the 15th and 17th centuries, have been linked to both the illustrious Delhi Sultanate and the formidable Vijayanagara Kingdom, specifically associated with the reigns of Harihara I and II. This eclectic mix of numismatic artifacts sheds light on the complex economic interactions and cultural exchanges that characterized this region during those times.

K Muniratnam Reddy, director of epigraphy at the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), has been at the forefront of this discovery. His expert insights have provided valuable context to this trove of coins. Notably, certain coins from the collection exhibit intricate designs and even carry the hallmark of Delhi’s mint. This distinct feature provides a remarkable connection to the historical minting practices of the era. He said that there were some gold coins on the edge with a depiction of Delhi’s mint. He said, “The coins were found near the oldest temple in the region, and people used to deposit their money in the temples in the Middle Ages, because there was no proper banking system.” The gold coins have still not been received by the Associated Press State Archaeology Department.

Muniratnam has asked Tirupati’s Member of Parliament to secure the coins that may one day be displayed at a planned new Archaeological Museum.

In essence, the discovery of these gold coins not only offers a window into the economic practices and cultural exchanges of the past but also rekindles our curiosity about the stories and lives of the people who inhabited these lands centuries ago. It serves as a testament to the enduring allure of archaeology and the unceasing quest to unravel the mysteries of history.

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