India- UP Teacher forces Hindu students to Slap Muslim students. Jitne bhi Mohammedan bacchey…

In Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, an incident occurred at a private school where a teacher supposedly instructed her children in the classroom to hit the students. The teacher’s actions made negative remarks about the student’s Muslim faith and used language like “Mohammedan children.” These actions were prompted by the student’s mistakes in multiplication tables and led to investigations by education authorities and the police.

According to the officials, the incident occurred in Khubbapur village last Thursday within the jurisdiction of Mansurpur police station. Both law enforcement and educational authorities are investigating actions against the teacher, Tripta Tyagi and as well as Neha Public School, which she owns and where the distressing incident took place.

Tyagi’s voice can be heard in the video, she told the person off-camera that,  “I have declared – all these Muslim children, go to anyone’s area.” After one child takes their turn hitting the boy, Tyagi instructs them, “Why are you hitting him lightly? Hit him harder.” Subsequently, Tyagi inquires, “Whose turn is it next?” and she asked the boy to hit on his back, as his face was turning red. These incidents were captured on video and had raised serious concerns among the people.

Satyanarayan Prajapat, the Superintendent of Police in Muzaffarnagar stated that, “the Mansurpur police station received a video portraying a female teacher instructing the students to punish a child physically for not learning multiplication tables. During the investigation, it was discovered that the teacher had made a declaration in the video, suggesting that Muslim students become unruly when their mothers do not focus on their studies. The basic education officer has been informed, and the measures will be taken against the teacher with respect to the incident”, the SP said.

Shubham Shukla, the basic education officer of Muzaffarnagar, reported to The Indian Express that he has written a letter to the school’s management, seeking response to the situation.The school is officially registered as Neha Public School, serving classes 1 to 5. Our investigation will explore the educational standards upheld by the school and identify the potential deviations. Appropriate measures will be taken if any irregularities are uncovered”. “The video shows how the teacher encourages the students to physically harm other children. The school obtained affiliation back in 2019. Our enquiry will cover an assessment of the affiliation’s renewal status and whether the school adhered to government-established standards”, he said.

Dr. Ravi Shankar, the Khatauli Circle Officer, when contacted, mentioned that the school operates within a large hall and the accused teacher is the owner of the school. “Tripta Tyagi serves as the school head. We are in the process of convincing the child’s father to lodge a formal complaint to proceed with filing an FIR,” Dr. Ravi Shankar stated. The boy’s father shared with local reporters that he has decided not to send his child back to the school and he is not willing to pursue a legal case. ” They agreed to refund the fees and my child will not be enrolled in that school again. We’ve come to an agreement not to file a complaint. The teacher has caused hostility among the children,” the father explained.

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