India Will Lead Group A Even if They Come Second in T20 World Cup 2024; Here’s What ICC Rules State

India has secured their spot in the Super 8 stage of the T20 World Cup 2024 after a convincing victory over the United States of America on June 12. Despite their current position in Group A being uncertain, even if Rohit Sharma’s team finishes second, they will retain the top spot in the group standings. This unique scenario arises due to the seeding system implemented by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which maintains that India will be designated as A1 regardless of their final position in Round 1.

The ICC initially grouped teams into four groups of five based on their rankings for Round 1 matches. These seedings will carry over into the Super 8 stage, ensuring that teams’ schedules remain unchanged despite their performance in the initial round. Currently, India stands atop Group A, followed by Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. Even if Pakistan were to surpass India in points, they would still be identified as A2 in the next phase.

The United States currently holds 4 points from 3 matches, while Pakistan has 2 points from the same number of games. The battle for the second spot in Group A hinges on the upcoming matches, with net run rate (NRR) likely to determine the final standings. Presently, Pakistan holds a better NRR (+0.191) compared to the US (+0.127), giving them an edge if results go their way in the upcoming fixtures.

India’s confirmed qualification means they are slated to face Afghanistan (C2) on June 20. Originally scheduled to play Sri Lanka (D2) on June 22, the fixture may be influenced by the ongoing determination of the second position in Group D, where South Africa has already secured D1.

Looking ahead to June 24, India’s match against Australia (B2) appears more settled, as Australia has also secured their place in the Super 8. The initial plan was for India to face England (B1), but with England struggling with just 1 point from 2 matches and Scotland leading with 5 points from 3 matches, Scotland could potentially replace England as B1 if they qualify.

In the Super 8 stage, teams will be divided into two groups: Group 1 comprising the top 2 teams from Group A and Group B, and Group 2 comprising the top 2 teams from Group C and Group D. Each group will compete internally, with the top 2 teams from each group progressing to the semi-finals, marking the next phase of this highly anticipated T20 World Cup.

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