Five Arrested in Godhra as Gujarat Police Discover NEET Cheating Scam

The Gujarat Police have made significant progress in uncovering a cheating scam linked to the NEET-UG examination, with five individuals, including the head of a local coaching centre, now under arrest. The arrests come after allegations surfaced of widespread irregularities at a test centre in Godhra. Reports indicate that students whose parents had paid hefty sums were instructed to leave certain questions unanswered, which would later be filled in by teachers post-examination.

The police complaint details the involvement of around a dozen students, their parents, and a coaching centre based in Vadodara. This centre, operated by a group of educators, allegedly orchestrated the scheme. The scam’s modus operandi involved students intentionally skipping questions they did not know, relying on teachers to complete the answers during the evaluation process.

Authorities have revealed that the cheating was facilitated by close coordination between the students and their parents, who had paid substantial amounts to ensure their children could manipulate the examination process. The coaching centre’s head, identified as a central figure in the scam, was reportedly directing these activities, using his position to influence the examination’s integrity.

This scandal has intensified the debate over the NEET-UG exam’s security measures and raised serious concerns about the reliability of the testing process. The police investigation has also prompted a thorough review of other examination centres across the state to detect similar fraudulent activities. The ongoing probe aims to ensure that all involved in the scam are brought to justice and that the examination system’s credibility is restored.

Gujarat Police have collected substantial evidence, including phone records and financial transactions, linking the accused to the scam. Investigators are now working to expand their inquiry to other potential accomplices and to ascertain the full extent of the fraud. The case has drawn widespread attention, with educational authorities and the public demanding stringent action against those responsible.

Meanwhile, the implicated coaching centre and its management are under scrutiny, with the state’s education department considering stringent measures to prevent such malpractices in the future. This incident underscores the critical need for robust mechanisms to maintain the sanctity of competitive exams and protect students’ fair chance to succeed based on merit. The Gujarat Police’s decisive action in this case is seen as a significant step towards eradicating cheating in educational examinations.

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