International Baccalaureate allows children to use ChatGPT

An artificial intelligence(AI) chatbot was launched a few months ago well known as ChatGPT. The chatbot works in a conversational way and is capable of providing appropriate answers to text prompts along with addressing the requests to write articles and essays. But many schools and universities believed that using AI tools for academic assignments shall not benefit the students in the long run therefore, Chat GPT was banned by schools and universities across the country.

However, the International Baccalaureate(IB) has decided to allow children to quote from content created by ChatGPT in their essays. Using ChatGPT or coming out with original work is almost the same as making use of other’s ideas or the internet. Thus, specifying the reference in bibliography is very important.

The head of assessment principles and practice at International Baccalaureate, Matt Glanville, mentioned that the chatbot should be considered as “ an extraordinary opportunity”. He also added, children can utilise work generated by the chatbot without passing it off as their own.

According to Glanville, when easy writing can be done at the touch of a button, students should focus on mastering other skills, like understanding the quality and significance of an essay, as these will be better skills than writing an essay.

Thousands of students choose IB every year in the United Kingdom at over 120 schools.

It seems like due to the increase in chatbot technology the prominence of writing will diminish in future.

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