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Is fish the next animal becoming extinct?

Global fish consumption of fish is increasing as it is a rich source of protein and omega 3.  India is currently the second-largest producer of fish, accounting for almost 9.6 million tons(6% of total production) after china which produces 58.8 million tons. To keep up with the soar in demand, unsustainable fishing is becoming popular these days.

The fish meal and fish oil(FMFO) industries are indirectly supporting illegal fish production. It is also considered that FMFO has bought in inedible fish from suppliers in the past. If this continues, it will affect marine life and the lives of people who depend on fisheries.

According to a study by the Netherlands-based changing markets(CM) foundation, Tonnes of fish including the ones that are not yet fully grown to be edible is caught and supplied to FMFO. This is resulting in an imbalance in marine ecology which in fact will show an impact on the food chain in the upcoming days. Apart from that, it is also leading to marine pollution and over-exploitation. These studies are conducted in India, Vietnam, and Gambia.

Coming to India, the studies were conducted in Vishakapatnam and Mangalore-kalwar belt. Fisherman communities present there are predicting that there will be an end to fisheries industries shortly.

The main reason is due to illegal and unsustainable fishing by suppliers of FMFO industries. If this will not stop there will be an environmental catastrophe and huge suffering for people whose main source of income is fisheries.

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