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Israel-Hamas conflict: Israel bombards another school in Gaza. Worldwide protest demanding ceasefire.

The situation in the Israel-Gaza conflict is escalating, with heavy Israeli bombardment targeting various civilian areas in Gaza, including schools, shelters, and hospitals. Israeli forces have escalated attacks in various areas of Gaza, notably targeting the Tel al-Zaatar neighborhood in the Jabalia refugee camp, destroying a crucial water well serving thousands of households. Over 15 civilians were killed in an attack on a school in Jabalia refugee camp. Additionally, two residential houses were severely damaged in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the middle of Gaza Strip. The attacks have led to extreme difficulties in breathing for residents, who are pleading for a halt to the relentless assaults. The situation in Gaza has deteriorated drastically, with over three weeks of limited access to water, food, and medical supplies.The Palestinian death toll has risen to 9,448.

Turkey is recalling its ambassador to Israel because of the humanitarian crisis and attacks in Gaza. Antony Blinken,US Secretary of State is in Jordan for a summit with Arab leaders, following his trip to Israel. Tens of thousands of protesters across the globe are demanding a ceasefire. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati called for an immediate halt to Israeli aggression in southern Lebanon and emphasized the need for a Gaza ceasefire. He also criticized Israel’s use of banned weapons and urged the international community to pressure Israel to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty. US President Biden indicated some progress in persuading Israel to pause military strikes.

US President Joe Biden has indicated progress in securing a “humanitarian pause,” though he provided no further details. In Toronto, thousands of protesters marched in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, demanding an immediate ceasefire. Among them was Jacob Zelig, a Jewish Canadian, who condemned Zionism and urged Canada to cease weapon sales to Israel.

In Tel Aviv, families of approximately 240 hostages held in Gaza organized a demonstration, demanding the immediate release of their loved ones. They called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to negotiate a ceasefire in exchange for the hostages’ return. Iranians gathered in Tehran to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the US embassy, denouncing US support for Israel’s actions in Gaza and condemning both Israel and the United States. Parliamentary speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf criticized the US for its role in the Gaza conflict, holding it accountable for the ongoing crisis.

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