Arvind Kejriwal takes ‘thanedaar’ dig at PM Modi, says ‘will ensure statehood for Delhi

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Criticizes PM Modi and Vows to Secure Statehood for Delhi if INDIA Bloc Wins

During a fervent election rally on Sunday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took aim at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of misusing his power to imprison multiple AAP leaders. Addressing a gathering in Kalkaji to support South Delhi Lok Sabha candidate Sahi Ram Pahalwan, Kejriwal made bold promises about the future of Delhi under the INDIA bloc’s leadership.

Kejriwal expressed confidence in the INDIA bloc forming the next government after the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. He criticized PM Modi’s recent remarks about senior political figures, calling it disrespectful. “Modiji is 74 years old and Pawar ji is 84. Is it right to use such language for an elderly person? He said Uddhav Thackeray is not the real son of his father,” Kejriwal remarked.

In a separate rally at Ambedkar Nagar, Kejriwal continued his critique of PM Modi, labeling him a ‘thanedaar’—a term implying a local police officer with authoritarian tendencies. He accused Modi of prioritizing the imprisonment of AAP leaders over addressing pressing national issues like unemployment. “Have we chosen a PM or a thanedaar?” Kejriwal questioned, highlighting the prime minister’s focus on political retribution rather than governance.

Kejriwal emphasized the successes of his administration in improving Delhi’s schools and hospitals, and promised to extend these improvements to the law-and-order system. He pledged that the AAP, as part of the INDIA bloc, would ensure full statehood for Delhi, giving the capital more autonomy and control over its affairs.

“The BJP is rattled by the fact that it will suffer defeat when Lok Sabha poll results are declared on June 4,” Kejriwal predicted, showing optimism for a political shift. He assured the public that under the INDIA bloc’s leadership, Delhi would see significant advancements in governance and infrastructure.

In summary, Kejriwal’s rally speeches not only criticized PM Modi’s actions and rhetoric but also laid out a vision for a more autonomous and efficiently governed Delhi under the INDIA bloc’s potential rule.

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