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Israel warns 10 lakhs Palestinian to leave Gaza within 24 hours.

Amid the ongoing Israel annd Palestine conflict, on Friday, many Palestinians in northern Gaza initiated a widespread departure after Israel’s military directive ordered over 1 million people to evacuate in order to relocate towards the southern region of the besieged area marking an unprecedented measure in anticipation of an imminent ground operation against the ruling Hamas militant group.

As per UN, Israel has given 24 hours to evacuate and the relocation of such a huge number of people seems impossible. But Hamas, which is responsible for terrific attacks on Israel, told the residents to stay at home and ignore Israel’s warning, calling it “fake propaganda”.

However, the warning to evacuate Gaza City has caused great fear among civilians and aid workers are already running from Israeli airstrikes. Moreover, they were also facing a total blockade of Gaza. Israel had cut off necessary supplies, leaving people without food, water, and electricity, and pushing the entire territory into darkness.

Nebal Farsakh, a Palestinian Red Crescent’s spokesperson in Gaza City, expressed the uncertainty, mentioning that basic requirements like food, electricity, and fuel are not important at the moment. Instead, staying alive is the main concern.

This conflict has unfortunately created a tragic toll, claiming over 3,000 lives on both sides and causing tensions throughout the region. Recently, Israel has engaged in exchanges of fire with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group which has raised the fears of a broader conflict. However, the situation along that border is currently calm.

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