State government of Tamilnadu decides to reopen schools, colleges, theatres, amusement parks, wholesale and retail markets.

State government of Tamilnadu decides to reopen schools, colleges, theatres, amusement parks, wholesale and retail markets.

After a discussion on  Wednesday with district collectors and health experts,The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Edappadi K Palani Swami made an announcement on Saturday.

According to the announcement, schools from classes 9 – 12, colleges, research institutions, hostels and other educational institutions will reopen on November 16th whereas the movie theatres in shopping malls and multiplexes will reopen on November 10th and operate with 50% of crowd capacity. Zoos, museums and amusement parks will also start operating from 10th of November.

As per the reports, it would be great for the schools and colleges if the classes are split into two where 50% students can have online classes and the other half can take up offline classes. This could make way for social distance maintenance as well as  for quick completion of syllabus.

The government has permitted temporarily running wholesale fruit markets to move to Koyambedu market from Monday i.e 2nd of November. Whereas the retail fruits and vegetables sale at Koyambedu will start from 16th of November in three phases.

Community, social, cultural and religious gatherings will be allowed from November 16th but only a maximum of 100 people can attend. This is also applicable for wedding and funeral related gatherings.

Earlier the limit on crew members at a film or TV set was 100 members but now the government has increased it to 150members. It is mandatory for the cast and crew to adhere to rules and regulations and maintain safety measures.

The Government has also mentioned that the new rules will not be applicable to the containment zones.


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