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Poorest country The Central African Republic ?

The Central African Republic is the world’s most least developed country and top in the list of the poorest countries in the world. This is a country of population more than 4.5 million and is located in the central Africa. The total area of this country is 6,20,000 square kilometers. There was a lot of violence, corruption and misuse of political power, which resulted in this massive poverty level of the citizens of the country. Many people were dead in 2013 and almost a million people flee their homes due to the poverty levels in the country.
we will start this story from 1965 to 2020 and try to figure out the causes behind the lowest GDP of central african republic. Before 1965, Central African republic (CAR) was under the rule of Dacko and there was Constitutional rule in CAR but in 1965 Dacko was kicked out by Bokassa and Bokassa declared himself as Emperor, later he has suspended the constitution and dissolved the National Assembly. He has created a violent situation in CAR and the crime rate was too high but In 1979 students protested against Bokassa over forcibly buy unifroms from Bokassa’s company and later Bokassa has killed more than 100 students.France pained with this news and kicked out Bokassa and power has again given back to Dacko.
Again in 1985, Constitution were overthrown by Kolingba and introduced new constitution where his opponents were not allowed to take part in election. Patasse also ruled CAR and killed many of its oppenents, and later Bozizes forces overthrown the Patasse in 2003. After 2003 Bozize became president and Central African Republic Bush War began, as rebel forces opposed to Bozize, In 2011 election again Bozize were relected. In 2015 Faustin-Archange Touadera selected as president and till today 89th may 2020 is serving as president.
The history of CAR power is full of crime, corruption, killings and in this situation GDP, economics growth, social development were neglected. The Central African Republic rich with with gold, timber, uranium, diamonds but the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is around 2.30 billion US dollars in 2019, which is 0.01 percent of the world economy.
The story behind its low GDP or low percapita income may be a heavy competition and conflicts over resources, like diamonds, Gold and other resources as well as funds raised through these resources could have been used to sustain rebel groups who controls the power. The corruption, competition and violence has been a major cause behind the hoiistory of backwardness, low GDP, low level of economic and social growth.

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