Top authors faced rejections for their genuine write-ups

Becoming an author is not an easy job. It takes years together to work on passion, interest, and goals. Every author should pass the humps of challenges and rejections. Being an author, we need to put our heart and soul, quality time into the work, to get good remarks but many will criticize the work by small constraints and this would be heartbreaking to every author. No matter how good your grammar, vocabulary is, there will be a reviewer who reads your write-ups and dislikes your work. Remember dear writers – you are not alone who got rejected from the world of your work.

We can find best renowned and real genius authors such as J.R.R Tolkein and John Steinbeck had suffered the same
situation of rejection in life.
In this article, we are trying to bring some authors who crossed the humps of challenges in rejection.

J.K Rowling – The worth of best-seller author J.K Rowling’s books are around $1 and sold 450 million books all over the world. She was brought up by a single mother who was unemployed and had been homeless for several years. Rowling said that she had heard about the failures of Harry Potter and yet she found her failure in liberation. She sent her finished manuscript to 12 different publishers and immediately got rejected by all. Finally for just $1500 the Bloomsbury editor accepted her work and took up the book. Her editor suggested her to become a teacher rather than writing children’s book. Her book became the world’s best-selling series and 450 million copies were purchased by the readers. Stephen king – This author was the first to get rejected for his story, Carrie. He threw his pages,
thinking that he was just wasting his time on a book which wouldn’t be published and accepted. He was frustrated with his first draft. The next day his wife encouraged him to finish the book writing and finally, he submitted it to a publisher and received the comment, “we are not interested in science fiction
stories”. The manuscript was rejected 30 times and finally was taken by the king publisher. The book was published and a million copies were sold. Later he completed writing 54 novels and 200 short stories, he won on his path and won numerous awards.

Dr. Seuss – The author was rejected by 27 publishers. He planned to burn his manuscripts when he ran into an old school acquaintance. His reply to the publisher of acquaintance was very disheartful and decided to burn all his manuscripts but an editor of children’s books accepted his work and got it
published in the same publication house. Dr. Seuss continued writing over 60 children’s books and sold over 8 million copies of his books.

Agatha Christie – She is remarked as a young author, completed her first manuscript at the age of 22.
She submitted her works to many publishers only to receive remarks of rejections. Her family, friends
encouraged her and suggested going with second novel writing. Agatha Christie’s first novel was never published. Her second novel was repeatedly rejected by the publishers. Later she changed the ending of her novel and went on to have a prolific career writing 72 novels and 15 short stories collections.

John Le Carre – His first novel ‘The spy who came in from the cold’ was repeatedly rejected by the publishers with despondent remarks of his agent. He hasn’t got any future in the field of writing. Later the novel became the international best-selling book and was adapted into a movie in 1963. The stated authors had faced rejections and gradually grew up with their works. They have created the standard of motivation for today’s writers for not being afraid of rejections. So keep on giving your best,
one fine day like these authors you will find the success of acceptance and become the best author.

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