President Murmu Expresses Concern as No Indian Educational Institution Secures a Spot Among the World’s Top 50

In a thought-provoking address during the 69th convocation of IIT Kharagpur, President Droupadi Murmu emphasized the need to ponder why no Indian educational institution, despite the country’s rich knowledge tradition, ranks among the top 50 globally. While underscoring the paramount importance of good education over rankings, President Murmu acknowledged that a high ranking not only attracts global talent but also enhances the country’s reputation on the world stage.

President Murmu’s Call to Action:
President Murmu urged IIT Kharagpur, the oldest IIT in India, to take significant steps to address this gap. She called upon the institution to leverage innovation and technology, making revolutionary efforts to develop and implement cutting-edge technology that could potentially elevate India’s educational institutions to global prominence.

Global Collaboration and Internationalization:
Commending IIT Kharagpur’s alignment with the government’s policy of internationalization and global collaboration, President Murmu highlighted the institute’s efforts to form alliances with global institutions. She stressed that such collaborations not only elevate IIT Kharagpur on the international stage but also contribute to giving global recognition to the Indian education system.

Technology for Social Justice and Equality:
President Murmu underscored the importance of technology in promoting social justice and equality. She emphasized the belief that everyone should have the right to technology and that its use should aim at fostering inclusivity rather than widening societal disparities.

IITs as Global Incubation Centers:
Recognizing the global reputation of the IITs as incubation centers of talent and technology, President Murmu applauded IIT Kharagpur for its unparalleled contribution to the country’s development over its 73-year journey. She emphasized the transformative role of technology in India’s current growth trajectory and its potential to address global challenges.

Towards a Technologically Empowered Future:
President Murmu expressed confidence in India’s potential to scale new heights and emerge as a major world power through technology. She highlighted key technological experiments such as computerization, solar energy, genomics, and large language models, which have the potential to bring revolutionary changes to society.

Director’s Vision and Awards:
Director VK Tewari outlined IIT Kharagpur’s ambition to be among the top 10 higher educational institutions globally by 2030. The convocation saw over 3,200 students being awarded degrees, and prestigious honors, including DSc Honoris Causa to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, were conferred.

President Droupadi Murmu’s address at the IIT Kharagpur convocation emphasizes the critical need for India’s educational institutions to achieve global recognition. As the country propels itself into a technologically advanced future, the role of institutions like IIT Kharagpur in fostering innovation and collaboration becomes instrumental in shaping India’s standing on the global education stage. The call for leveraging technology for social justice and equality adds a poignant dimension to the transformative potential of education in India.

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