Russia and Ukraine conflict- World in favour of Ukraine?

On the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, shocking threats were made against the sanctions put by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. These sanctions are made against Russian companies and their economies by The USA, Canada, and other European allies.

Vladimir Putin has ordered the military chief to put its nuclear deterrent forces ready. Putin stated that the unfriendly actions against its economy by the higher officials of the NATO countries are repulsive and illegal. Keeping this in mind, he ordered the chief of the general staff to put Russian army deterrent forces on high alert.

Belarus, an ally of Russia, is ready to deploy nuclear weapons if Lithuania or Poland do so.

Interestingly, Russia has the World’s second-largest arsenal of nuclear missiles and ballistic missiles, this is a huge backup for its deterrent forces. In a statement, Putin said that anyone who tries to hinder Moscow will face historic consequences.

As of now, all the European countries like Poland and Germany are accepting refugees from Ukraine and the USA is also a part of it.

Keeping in mind the situation of the people of Ukraine, India has provided solace by assisting with humanitarian needs to Ukraine and parallelly spoke with the prime minister of Romania ‘H.E. Nicolae-Ionel’ and prime minister of Slovak republic ‘Eduard Heger’ to help in evacuating Indian citizens.

The European Union (EU) has decided to help Ukraine by announcing to send military equipment and Aid. Germany has sent 1400 anti-tank rocket launchers and 500 stinger missiles along with 14 armored vehicles and Ten thousand tonnes of fuel, while Sweden has sent 5000 anti-tank weapons.

Meanwhile, Denmark is contributing 2700  Anti-tank weapons.

In addition, Norway pledged to supply M-72 anti-tank weapons with helmets and body armor. Finland did not hold back by Russia’s threat and will assist with 1500 rocket launchers, 2500 assault rifles, 150,000 rounds of ammunition, and 70,000 servings of field rations.

A permanent member of the UN, France, and the UK decided to help by transporting anti-aircraft, digital weapons, and fuel. Belgium says it will supply 2000 more automatic rifles, 200 anti-tank weapons, and 3800 tons of fuel. The Dutch defense ministry assured to provide 200 stinger missiles, sniper rifles, and helmets. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is sending 4000 motors and an arsenal of 30000 pistols with 7000 assault rifles, 3000 machine guns, and a million bullets.

Neighboring country Romania will dispatch bulletproof vests, helmets, other military material and open their military hospitals for citizens of Ukraine. Apart from that Croatia provided 16 Million worth of arms and armor.

Non-EU countries like Australia committed 50million dollars to fund lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine. Finally, Washington and Ottowa are favoring Ukraine by providing extra 350 million dollars as military aid and lethal weaponry.

This move by Europe, Australia, and the west proves that they are united and ready to prevent further invasion of Ukraine.

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