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The Coldest place on earth where people live.

The coldest place on earth where people live.

Weather can have different conditions in different places around the globe. It can be hot, moderate or cold. In summer the temperature might get too hot and in winter it is common for the temperature to drop. Weather conditions vary everywhere on the earth. There are countries in the world where there is a temperature rise and is too hot and also there are countries in the world where the temperature drops and it is extremely cold. Usually when we say cold countries ,Countries that immediately come to our minds are Antarctica, Canada, United States of America, Greenland, Iceland, Finland Russia etc. Mount Everest also is not a competition for this town we are gonna talk about. Weather conditions at those places are indeed too cold and will definitely bring shivers. Is there a place in the world that is colder than these countries? Yes, a small town in Siberia. This town is named as Oymyakon. It is named after the Oymyakon river. This place is a rural locality which is located in the Oymyakonsky district of the Sakha Republic in Russia. The town in central Siberia is the coldest town in the entire world. In this town the temperature drops to -50° Celsius or -58° Fahrenheit. We understand if there is too much cold and we need a blanket or two to keep ourselves warm but in this town it is so cold that your eyelashes start Freezing together .It is a good place to do science experiments. If you throw boiling water up into the cold air it turns into ice water drops by the time it comes down. Weather is so cold that it freezes food items like fish, fruits etc if exposed outside. It becomes hard enough for you to hit a nail on a wooden desk. One of the major reasons why this place is so cold is because it has two main valleys beside it. These two main valleys of Oymyakon trap the wind which is blowing and create the perfect cold weather. The climate is too freezing and the temperature is cold throughout the year in Oymyakon due to this unique function of geography. This place experiences frequent snowfall as well.

We all love summer vacations. The very reason we get summer holidays is because the temperature is too high and during this time it is nearly unbearable. Now imagine getting the same for the right opposite. Yes, in Oymyakon town schools are closed if the temperature drops too much. if it is -55 degree Celsius or -67 degree fahrenheit the schools are given holiday.This permanent inhabited settlement is the coldest in the entire world.

There is a monument that is built which can be seen while entering this town .This monument Around The Town Square commemorates the weather recorded in January 1924. The freezing climate on that day was -71.2 degree Celsius or -96.2 degree fahrenheit. Same way there are records in the Oymyakon weather station that show the place experienced -67.7 degree Celsius or -89.9 degree fahrenheit on 6th of February in 1933. The Oymyakon weather station is situated in the valley between the Oymyakon and tomtor.

Only Antarctica had recorded the lowest official temperatures so far. Antarctica’s temperature had dropped till -89.2 degree Celsius or – 128.6 degree Fahrenheit which was recorded in the Vostok station on 21st of July in 1983. After Antarctica it was on 6th of February in 1933 that Oymyakons weather station recorded its temperature in -67.7 degree Celsius or -89.9 degree Fahrenheit which was the coldest officially recorded temperature in the Northern hemisphere. People who live there are used to these cold conditions. In this town there are no water pipes because the cold weather freezes the water inside the pipe immediately which also means there is no running water. They use blocks of ice to melt and drink water. These people do fishing and Nature provides all the necessary things. They feel it is quite a bit too cold but they are okay with those weather conditions.

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