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29th Day Of Farmers Protests

29th Day Of Farmers Protests

The farmers have now entered Madhya Pradesh. The protesting farmers reached near century Mills. They said there was a grand welcome to the farmers from the members of century Mills. The huge crowd  of protesters from Indore and Ratlam say they plan on reaching Rajasthan by tonight on 23rd December 2020.There were tractors, vans, Tempos with kisaan flags on it in the main road. The huge queue of vehicles with hundreds of farmers were all travelling to Rajasthan.  The farmers protest for the three agricultural laws has now reached its 29th day. There have been protests happening to reframe the new agricultural bills imposed by the Government of India. Several rounds of talks were held by the Government of India with the Farmer organisation representatives and yet not a single sign of settlement. The farmer’s representatives don’t seem to settle with the Government offers instead are continuing to protest until their demands are met.

NAPM medha patkar says  “The All India Kisan Sabha is the most powerful right now in this country”. She also said that she completely supports the farmers of Maharashtra in their protest against the three agricultural laws. There were a lot of activists who took part in the farmers protest. One of the activists Uday narkar says that the Government has to understand that it is not just the farmers from haryana and punjab who are protesting in the national capital but it is the farmers from all over the country.

The protest said that they wouldn’t calm down and stop protesting until the Government cancels all the three new farm laws. 

Government views this as a very beneficial law as it actually helps farmers to earn more than usual but the farmers fear that they might face losses. They demand that all the three farm laws be taken back and they are not ready to make any changes with the Government.

Home Minister Amit Shah also addressed the farmers in West Bengal amidst the protest. Government has been saying all these new farm laws are in benefit to the farmers and they are available anytime for the farmers.  They are ready to clarify all their doubts on farm laws.

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