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The green-glow water test to detect contamination.

           Water being the most important necessity in everyone’s life should be in the purest form when we consume it as it may lead to other health issues. It so happens that water may seem to look pure but a lot of pollutants and contaminants are dissolved which cannot be smelt or tasted. In the generation where industries are growing rapidly are seen much often that the waste generated in those industries are thrown in the water bodies which connect to various other water bodies. In total there is a continuous process of contamination of water bodies that harm a lot of people in the larger picture.   

          Engineers in the North-western University have completed their research on inventing a handy machine that will test the purity of water. It’s been named as ‘ROSALIND – cell-free biosensors’ that will check the purity of water in few minutes. There are few criteria’s based on which the water will be judged. There are many pollutants and contaminants which will be dissolved in water and cannot be identified and may lead to serious health issues. Substances like lead, copper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other toxins will get dissolved and does not show any chemical reactions to human eyes. 

            In many places people rely on water from an external source or common source which does not have any guarantee on its purity. This instrument was invented so that people can test the water they use at the minimum cost and less time. The test of water in any laboratory will be time consuming and costly which will demotivate people. Rosalind tests 17 different contaminants with a single drop of water in each tube of 7 tubes which contains chemicals that will test the existence of the contaminants. The chemicals will act as taste buds that will detect various contaminants. If the water consists of a particular contaminant that exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards then it will glow green after few minutes indicating the danger in the water.

           This method is so flexible that the scientists can update the instrument to detect other pollutants and contaminants. Rosalind will motivate people to consume pure water and also to put efforts to clean the water bodies and not to pollute it further.

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