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Innovation and Technology introduced to enhance the travelling experience

        Indian railways is the third largest rail network in the World but the travelling experience is not up to the mark. Over 20 million people travel through railways and the Indian Railway Department keeps introducing new features for enhancing the travelling experience of the passengers.

          In January 2021, Union Minister for Railway Department, Piyush Goyal announced a new feature that has been introduced to the Indian Railways and it has been introduced in the AC coach of Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express for the testing purpose. This feature was introduced for maintaining the Covid precautions since the curtains were removed from the windows. 

           The Union Minister tweeted regarding the new feature that the Indian Railway is promoting Innovation and Technology in railway journey and introducing PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) based smart switchable windows and coupe doors. The smart windows can be switched from transparent to opaque or vice versa by a click of a switch which will act as privacy glass and also will cut UV radiation. The coupe doors are introduced for each berth. This has been introduced only in one of the trains for testing purposes and after reviewing the results further decisions will be taken by the Ministry.

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