Third wave of Covid to hit India in the month of August

Novel Corona Virus that started spreading in India in the year 2020, over the period has reported different variants affecting the people. The virus has hit the mass through different waves and in each wave the symptoms, need and treatment was different. India has seen the first wave and the second wave in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

First wave lasted till September 2020 and after the break of 6 months from March 2021 the second wave started peaking in India. The number of cases and the death rate both were high in the second wave as compared to the first wave. It was quite evident that people above the age of 60 were affected more in the first wave and the younger generation was affected in the second wave. Experts say that as per the reports that there was no much difference in death rate in both the waves. But the need of oxygen was more in the second wave and there were more asymptomatic patients too.

The experts are now predicting the third wave in the mid of August and the cases may rise in the month of September. The scientist member of the Government Panel has given the report on the third wave stating that the cases will increase if the covid measures are not followed properly by the people even if they are vaccinated. It was first predicted to be during the month of October-November but it has been preponed for various reasons. The global data released predicts that on an average the cases will be 1.7 times the peak cases of the second wave. Though India is vaccinating its people, the entire mass is not yet been vaccinated which might affect during the third wave.

The entire focus is now mainly on vaccination. The more the number of vaccinated people, the less will be the risk in the third wave. As of now four vaccinations have been cleared in India, Covaxin, Covishield, Sputnik V and Moderna. The Government is also concentrating more on reaching the daily targets of vaccinating people which will eliminate the risk in the third wave to a large extent.

A group of scientists have compared the first wave and the second wave data and are predicting the situations in the third wave through their study. As mentioned earlier, if people follow certain rules and measures set for preventing the spread of the virus, the situation can be well handled in the third wave, says the panel.

Central and the State Governments are making necessary preparations for the third wave as during the second wave the situations were worsened and the same must not be repeated. 

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