Top 10 universities in Australia that offer the best education

Top 10 universities in Australia that offer the best education

  1. University of Sydney:
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    The best university in Australia and the fifth best university in the world and that is Universityof Sydney. This university was established in the year 1850 and is also called as the oldest universities in Australia. There are more than 400 different courses offered by the university.
    LINK: University of Melbourne:   
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    University of Melbourne and it is one of the best universities in the world. This university has a history of producing the best leaders of the nation like there are five governor generals and four prime ministers of Australia are from this university only. This university has a record of achieving some great scores in the 5 indicators. This university also has a great score record in employment and alumni outcomes.
    LINK: The University of New South Wales (UNSW):
    The University of New South Wales (UNSW).jpg
    With an international alumni community of 250,000, this University of New South Wales is one of the best and oldest universities in Australia. This university was established in the year 1949 and since then it is one of the best choices of the employers to pick the best talent from Australia. It ranked 28 thin graduate employability and 24th employer reputation. There are many famous personalities who have graduated from this University.

    4. The University of Queensland (UQ):
    The University of Queensland (UQ).jpg
    When you are looking for the best university in Australia with world class education, then The university of Queensland can be a good choice. There are just three universities in Australia that are part of the Global Universitas 21 and this university is one of those three top universities that are part of it. It ranks 48 in the graduate employability across the universities in the world.

    5. Monash University:
    Monash University.jpg
    Monash University is more popular as a research intensive university in Australia and is also known as one of the best and largest universities in Australia. There are a number of fields in which you will be able to graduate and get your masters also. Almost 150 different courses are offered at this university, which includes drug development, additive manufacturing, sustainable designs and domestic violence. It ranks 59 in graduate employment.

    6. The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS):
    The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).jpg
    This University of Technology was established just 30 years ago and is one among the top 50 young universities in the world. Its rank is 49 in graduate employability. In less than four months of graduation, the students of Universityof Technology, Sydney are able to get in tosome best jobs in Australia.
    LINK: Australian National University (ANU):
    Australian National University (ANU).jpg
    One of the best and leading universities for education and research in Australia is Australian National University. This university has always sustained its place in the top five universities in Australia and also ranks 73 in the graduate employability. Many graduates of this university have achieved great heights in the fields of medicine, business, government, arts, and politics.

    8. RMIT University:

RMIT University.jpg

In the list of the top 10 universities in Australia, we have the RMIT University of Australia. Popular for                     enterprise, design and technology, this university holds its place in the top 10 universities in                                    Australia. In graduate employability, this RMIT University holds the 85th place. Most of the                                       graduates from this university got popular in the fields like film making, engineering and also science.

  1. Queensland University of Technology (QUT):

Queensland University of Technology (QUT).jpg

With the best business relations and industry connections, this Queensland University of Technology                    stands 9th  in the list of top 10 universities  of Australia. It holds the 101st place in the graduate                               employability across the world and is ranked as the 140th  best university for employer                                             reputation. The alumni of this university are now actors, actresses, television personalities, journalists,                 and are also part of the Australian parliament.

   10. Macquarie University:
Macquarie University.jpeg
It is considered as one of the best places for higher education in the world and it holds a rank between 110         to 120 in the graduate employability and 204th  in the employer reputation.

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