CBSE exam cancelled or postponed? Students under stress.

          The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which cancelled the Class 10th exams and postponed Class 12th exams which was to be held from May 4th, 2021 to May 14th, 2021 had not given a clear picture about class 12th exams. Due to the rise in the number of Covid cases the CBSE board made certain decisions for class 10th exams but postponed Class 12th exams and said they will be conducted after reviewing the situation in June. 

             Class 10th students were promoted without exams based on their past performance and it was believed that class 12th exams will also be cancelled and an alternative assessment scheme will be introduced for them. The main concern is the third wave for many people as it has been predicted that the people of less age will be targeted so they wanted the exams to be cancelled.

               There were news in the media that the class 12th exams have also been cancelled and also that a petition is filed in the Supreme Court regarding cancellation of exams but later the head of CBSE board has given clarity to the media that the meetings regarding this are still to be conducted and by May 25th the board might release its final decision regarding class 12th exams. They have denied all the claims regarding cancellation of exams and said that a final decision is yet to be taken.

               There are a few educationists who say that adhering to the pandemic situation class 12th exams should also be cancelled but there are a few educationists who say that class 12th exams are the foundation for their future courses and should not be cancelled even if they have to wait for 6 – 8 months to conduct the exam. There are few more who are pouring suggestions such as an online exam to be conducted. There is a mixed opinion from many people but it’s only the board and the Government which can decide and announce the final decision. 

               The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations recently announced that ICSE class 10th exams have been cancelled and ISC class 12th exams have been postponed due to the pandemic.

             Cambridge International decided to cancel their class 10th and class 12th exams in India.

            NEET 2021 exam has been postponed after the Twitter campaign which was held for postponing the NEET PG exams in India.  

            Many states in India have either completely cancelled the exams or have just postponed the exam to a future date and have said that exams will be conducted after reviewing the situations in the future.

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