Turkey-Syria quake : the death toll crosses 24,000. India IAF provides relief kits and medicines to Turkey.

On the 6th of February, 2023 there was an earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria and shook the world. As the death toll passes 24,000, the situation is only getting scarier. However, with countries helping Turkey and Syria in this devastated state, the scenario does not seem as bad. Irrespective of that, the ones who are gone are gone by one of the deadliest earthquakes in this century. India has been a huge help in these circumstances by sending an ample amount of its resources to both Turkey and Syria, trying its best to provide a range of aid after the countries facing 2 massive quakes and more than 300 aftershocks.

The first C-17 transport of the Indian Air Force consisted of search and rescue personnel, specially trained dog squads, drilling machines, relief materials, where medicines landed in Adana. India on Tuesday sent a mobile hospital, relief materials and specialised search and rescue teams in four C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft to support Turkey’s rescue. In addition, a team of 99 members from the Indian Army’s Agra based army field hospital has been dispatched and will set up a 30-bed field hospital. To Syria, India has sent 6 tonnes of relief materials which included life saving medicines and medical items. This was sent in a transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

It truly shows how grateful and appreciative the Turkish ambassador Firat Sunel was when he stated, “This is an example of good friendship and we appreciate India’s timely help. Indian experts are now in the field.”. Looks like India is true to the orders of its Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s instruction to offer all possible assistance to the country.

Despite all the good things that India has been doing, there seems to have been a hiccup somewhere since the IAF planes are taking the long route over Gujarat instead of going over Pakistan. This was clarified by the IAF saying that their aircraft avoided flying over Pakistan for sure. They said this was due to standard operation procedure, where they do not fly over Pakistan.

Though India has been working nearly day and night to do all it possibly can, the unseen situation in the two countries is terrible. The freezing temperatures have worsened the scenario where parents were seen to hold their children in blankets outside, saying that it’s much warmer than in a tent. Other families were spending their nights in the cars, either too terrified to return to their homes or prohibited to go back. They are scrambling for food and shelter and though some relatives were called about this, they were so helpless that they could do nothing but empathise and pity.

Needless to mention, the situation is bad and let’s hope the world’s prayers of Turkey and Syria recovering fast while thousands are still stuck under the collapsed buildings are answered.

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