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Virgin Hyperloop’s 1st ever human ride trial on high speed pod.

Virgin Hyperloop’s 1st ever human ride trial on high speed pod.

Virgin Hyperloop which aims to cover the distance between Mumbai to Pune within 25minutes made an announcement on 9th November about it’s  first human ride trial on a high speed pod system. It’s release stated that this successful attempt is a landmark announcement for building the Pune to Mumbai hyperloop transportation system.

The staffs of the company Josh Giegel, Co- Founder and Chief Technology Officer and Sara Luchian, Director of passenger Experience, were the world’s first ones to travel in the most expensive and new forum of transportation, futuristic pod at a hyper speed of more than 100mph on 8th November in Las Vegas, US. They traveled in an XP-2 vehicle (designed by BIG- Bjarke Ingels Group and Kilo Design) at the company’s 500 meter DevLoop testing site within just 15 seconds. 

According to the company’s statement, the Virgin Hyperloop team had been working on turning it’s groundbreaking technology into reality. This new form of transportation has a space for 28 passengers and uses pods or capsules that can travel at high speeds through low pressure tubes erected on columns or tunnelled underground with the help of magnetic levitation. There is no chance for driver related error anticipation as it is a fully autonomous and sealed system. The company tested over 400 unoccupied pods and touched 240mph, in order to demonstrate the safety travel to the passengers, states the reports. 

The founder of Virgin Group , Richard Branson said that with their first successful trail, the company has shown that this spirit of innovation will in fact change the way people everywhere live, work and travel in the upcoming years.

During the release the company also mentioned that the testing campaign will continue with the Pune project and Tanay Manjrekar, Virgin Hyperloop Electronics specialist will be riding next. The company also has future plans to introduce their latest high speed pod to prime cities across the world.

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