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Water Remembers

Water Remembers:

Water is a special gift to us, no doubt in that. It not only covers 71% of earth’s surface but also ¾ of our body is water. Water has remarkable properties which make life on earth possible and so we call it “the elixir of life”. But what if I say memory is also one of its remarkable properties? (yes it can and no I’m not doing this after frozen 2). According to Oxford, memory is the ability to remember, and water can do that better than us. Won’t believe me! Come on, give me a chance, I will make you believe.

Firstly we must know something about the “hydrogen bond” between two water molecules. This very little attractive force between hydrogen and oxygen makes water “Water”. The special thing about hydrogen bond is that it’s a weak bond. Yes, it makes water remarkable because it’s weak. Sometimes you need to be weak to make things special. So because hydrogen bond is weak, it’s flexible, changing bond angle without affecting the actual chemical change. And because of this cool property Water Remembers. How? Hang in there we are about to reach there.

In 1999 pseudo scientists and a business Masaru Emoto published a novel entitled “Messages from water” , it took the world by storm. This novel basically contained the experimental results which his team had conducted with water. It said that our emotion effect the structure of water, and they proved it by capturing structure of water in frozen state. So it reads our emotion and store it and reflect it by changing its structure. The good thought or emotion had complete and beautiful structure whereas the bad thought or emotion had broken and not so pretty pictures.

So how this structural changes happen, I gave you guys the answer long back. Yes! The hydrogen bond. The hydrogen bond changes and alters its bond angle in such a way that it can reflect “us”. ( Do read that novel, I recommend).

A virologist and Nobel prize awardee Luc Montaginer claimed water as memory too. According to Luc, DNA emits small electromagnetic wave, this electromagnetic wave can be read by water, the same way it reads our emotion, it changes it’s structure and remain as such even after lot of dilution and also he claimed it can be used in treatment of dangerous viral disease such as HIV. However this claim was not encouraged by many, they accused that it’s a promotion to homeopathy not a actually pathology.

Montagnier told Science in 2010. “It’s possible that electromagnetic waves at some frequency will kill the waves produced by bacterial DNA.”

After knowing water as memory the way we see a water changes. It’s just extraordinary that a simple glass water which doesn’t have a colour of its own but reads and reflect the colour in us. So it becomes our responsibility to save such incredible thing.


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