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Worlds first money rain- Infuencer Kazma gives away $ 1 million to everyone. 

Kamil Bartoshek, widely known as Kazma, is a prominent influencer and television host hailing from the Czech Republic. Initially, he had a plan to give away one million dollars through a contest and teased this idea in various captions. The challenge involved deciphering a hidden message within his film ‘One Man Show: The Movie,’ which proved to be quite challenging for participants.

However, faced with the difficulty, Kazma decided to distribute the money among all registered contestants. He sent encrypted location details for the money drop via email and stayed true to his promise by arriving at the designated location in a helicopter. This extraordinary event was coined as the world’s first “MONEY RAIN,” and fortunately, no injuries occurred during the money drop.

Kazma’s initial plan involved using a cargo helicopter loaded with one million one-dollar bills. The helicopter had a door at the bottom to release the money over the Czech Republic. Only individuals with card-activated access were to receive advance notice of the drop.

Thousands of people gathered in a field to collect the falling one-dollar bills, utilizing plastic bags and umbrellas to maximize their collections. Approximately 5,000 people attempted to gather the money.

Notably, each one-dollar bill was equipped with a QR code that linked to an online platform for charity donations. Prior to the event, Kazma shared his thoughts on how to utilize the money, considering three popular suggestions such as, assisting those in need, distributing it among the game players, and utilizing it for another show.

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