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10 Luxury Cave Homes around the world

10 Luxury Cave Homes around the world

The idea of holidaying in a cave may not sound quite tempting,until you read about some incredible luxury cave homes and resorts builtacross the world. Tucked into the sides of mountains, hidden undergrounds andoffering mesmerizing ocean views, there are numerous caves around the world that have been transformed into luxurious holiday homes. So, if you are planning for a vacation with a difference, try visiting these breathtaking holiday homes with all the amenities you need for a fuss free stay.

Beckham Creek Luxury Cave Home, USA

Nested in a natural cavern, set high within a cliff and a serene valley in the milieu, Beckham cave located in Parthenon, Arkansas is beautiful and idyllic unlike any other locations on the earth.This tranquil place in the lap of nature is completely remodelled to offer every luxury you desire while holidaying with your beloved or going to a family reunion.

Lava Cave, Greece

Legend has it that this cave used to be a sailors mansion back in 1875. Today, the cavern has been refurbished but still it retains the antique cave-curved Aegean island style. Set amidst natural grandeur of Caldera’s rugged volcanoes and crystal clear waters of the river, the luminous luxury cave home offers you a beautiful private veranda, cozy bedroom with an adjoining living room and ultra modern kitchen with bathroom.

Casa Santantonio, Greece

An 18th century dwelling that has been renovated but still retains antique architectural elegance of the old mansion. The three levels cavern consists of three independent luxury housesat every floor and provides all the necessary amenities to make living comfortable. The entire house is made to accommodate five people and have open space, outdoor sitting with other amenities.

Anitya Cave House, Turkey

This 600 years old cave house is located in the heart of Cappadocia, Ortahisar and fully equipped with the amenities for a relaxing vacation. Viewingsunrise from the terrace of the cave house could be a memorable experience for you. Moreover, the precisely designed indoor lightings of the exquisite cave house that can be adjusted to enjoy a real cave like experience will mesmerize you during your stay at Cappadocia.

Loft Cave Sea Views, Gran Canaria

The magnificent rock formations in the form of walls inside the cave house and breathtaking views of serene sea waters at outdoors, the cave house offer both. Equipped with terrace, garden and swimming pools to offer you beautiful sight of natural panorama and two cozy bedrooms inside with all luxury amenities makes it an ideal holiday hotspot.

The Rockhouse Retreat, the UK

This romantic retreat in Worcestershire could be an experience to cherish for lifelong. The 800 years old cave is hand sculpted from sandstone and is renovated to fit in a luxury lifestyle. Located amidst outstanding natural grandeur in three acres of private woodland, this stylish rock house is designed with all ultra modern amenities and comforts like under floor heating and mood lighting for a perfect romantic retreat.

Cuevo de Luja, Granada, Spain

Located inbetween two historic districtsSacromonte and Albaicín of the city of Granada, this luxury cave homeoffers rejuvenating ambience perfect for relaxing in.  The breathtaking views of Alhambra palace can also be enjoyed from the elegantly designed terrace in the second floor wherea chill-out lounge is also built. The modern cave house is also equipped with all luxury accoutrements.

White Dream, Italy

An escapade to Italy and a few days in this charming cave house could be memorable for you, especially if you are looking for a romantic retreat. Perched on picturesque Puglia region, the white dream cave house is elegantly fine-tuned with all the amenities and decorated in shades of white. It also offers easy access to the surrounding countryside and restaurants to savour Italian cuisine.

Azalea Houses Cave, Oia, Greece

The cave home was a traditional wine maker’s house that has been restored into a luxury mansion, while retaining its old architectural beauty. The propertyis built into two floors with some nicely decorated interiors and a large balcony offering panoramic view of the surroundings overlooking the Aegean Sea. The cave home is few minutes away from scenic Oia town.

Cave Socorro, Guimar, Tenerife

Located in a small coastal town of Tenerife, the cave home is a perfect spot for a beach holiday. A tranquil place free from hustle bustles of busy resorts lets you spend some time in the serenity of nature.

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