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New Rule by Indian Railways: Travel by Train with Just a Platform Ticket.

Train travel is a popular choice for both long distances and comfort. Reservations are typically made well in advance through ticket reservation windows or online bookings. In cases of sudden travel, many turn to Tatkal Ticket booking rules. However, an alternative option is available through platform ticket rules, allowing for travel without a reserved seat. Let’s explore what railway rules have to say about this surprising option.

If you find yourself on a train with only a platform ticket, there’s no need to panic. According to Indian Railways Rules, passengers in emergencies can board the train with a platform ticket, but they must promptly approach the TTE. It’s essential to purchase a ticket for the intended destination. Although the TTE may decline a reserved seat due to seat unavailability, passengers can still travel. In such cases, a penalty of Rs.250 and the journey fare will be levied on the passenger.

The primary advantage of a platform ticket is that the passenger is only required to pay the fare from the station where the platform ticket was obtained. During fare collection, that station is considered the departure station, and the passenger is charged according to the class in which they will be traveling.

When passengers miss a train, there’s a common concern about losing both the journey and money. However, under Indian Railways Refund rules, there’s an option for a refund. In the event of missing a train, a passenger can claim a 50 percent refund of the base fare by submitting a TDR. It’s crucial to initiate this process within the specified time limit to avail of the refund.

If you miss your train, the TTE is not permitted to assign your seat to another passenger until the next two stations. You have the opportunity to catch up with the train and continue your journey within this timeframe. However, after two stations, the TTE can allocate the seat to a passenger holding an RAC ticket. For e-ticket holders who discover their ticket is lost after boarding, the option exists to retrieve the ticket by paying a penalty of Rs.50 to the ticket checker (TTE).

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