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Air travels between India -UK to start from 8th January

Air travels between India – UK to start from 8th Jan

Primarily the flights from the UK were banned after the mutation of novel coronavirus which is said to be 70% more effective than one caused by Covid -19. After the news the government has to take necessary steps.  

       As per the Ministry of Civil aviation, the Indian Government has decided to suspend  the flights from the UK to India from 22nd December. Several other countries like Colombia, Kuwait, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Iran and few more countries had banned flights from or to the UK in all aspects. Whereas Saudi Arabia has disconnected all international 

flights due to the new coronavirus updates.

       Before the ban,the airlines were together and operated as 63flights where in 29 were British Airways, 8 were Virgin Atlantic, 23 was Air India and remaining 3 were Vistara. 

         The step taken by the government initially upsets the plans of many people coming back home before New year. There was a mandatory test for all the passengers arriving from the UK to undergo the RT-PCR test. 

Resume of flights

After the announcement of shutting down the flights on 22nd December 2020, India now announces the resume of flights from 8th Jan 2021. This was addressed by the Civil Aviation Minister- Hardeep Singh Puri. Further he added saying to maintain the strict rules for the passengers traveling. Only the number of flights operating will be 15 from India and 15 from the UK . That is the total number of flights will be 30 on a weekly basis. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad will only operate for meanwhile. 

          Airlines give the assurance for the passenger who had booked the tickets on 23rd December 2020 that they would get first preference when the flight resumes. 

Passengers arriving from UK should undergo certain formalities like – 

  • The first and foremost step should be followed by a passenger arriving from the UK is to fill and submit a self- declaration form before 72hour of scheduled travel. 
  • It is compulsory to have a Negative report( RT- PCR test) which is taken 72 hours before the travel.
  • Thus, the passengers who delay to submit their negative reports should undergo the isolation arranged by the airport. 

Although there were 20 passengers who were affected with the new strain of coronavirus and 50 passengers were put into the quarantine.Total 85 persons from Delhi who came back from the UK had to undergo RT-PCR test. The samples were sent to the National Center of Disease Control for further tests.


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