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Top 5 Richest person in the world

TOP 5 Richest person in the world

The World’s billionaires are ranked or listed according to there net worth, assets, debt and many more.On this basis we consider the richest people in the world.The list or rank was first published on March 1987.The total net worth of the individual listed or ranked and is cited on united states dollars ($).This rank is based on the current year 2020.As follows:-

1.Jeff Bezos.


He is an American internet Entrepreneur, media proprietor and investor.He is recognised as a founder and CEO of a multi technology company AMAZON. His net worth is US$180billion(July 30 2020).He has been the world’s richest man from 2017.He  is ranked 1st as the richest man in the world. He also founded  the aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight service company called blue origin in the year 2000 .He left is job at D.E shaw and decided to establish online booking store that’s how Amzon got established on July 5th 1994.

2.Bill Gates.


He stands in the 2nd position in the richest people list. He has a net worth of US$113 billion.He is the co-founder of bill and Melinda gates and also with the help of Paul Allen he found a software gaint Microsoft.His original name is William Henry Gates lll i recognise as an American business magnate, software developer, investor and philanthropy.He founded microsoft corporation which is still exists and used by all multi national company and every one in the world. Bill gates is know as a great entrepreneur.

3.Bernard Arnault .

He stands 3rd position in the richest people list He has a net worth of US$111billion. He is the chairman and chief executive of LVMH.It is the world’s largest luxury goods company.He is awarded “The Woodrow Wilson” award for Global corporate citizenship in 2011.He started is career in 1971, working for Ferret savinel ,a company owned by his father.In July 1988, he provided $1.5billion to a holding company with Guinness that held 24%of LVMH shares.

4.Mark Zuckerberg.


He stands in 4th position in the richest people list. He has a net worth of US$88billion. He is an American media magnate , internet Entrepreneur and philanthropy. He is the founder of Facebook,Inc and serves as it’s chairman,CEO and controlling shareholder and he also is a co founder of the solar sail spacecraft. Later with the success of the Facebook he acquired all most all social media sites like Whatsapp,Instagram etc. On Feb 4th 2004 he launched Facebook got success as that he owed all the social media apps and he is recognised as the youngest richest man in the world.

5.Mukesh Ambani

He stands in 5th position in the richest people list. He is the first Indian to be in the richest people list . He has net worth of US$81billion.He is an Indian billionaires business magnate and chairman, managing director and largest shareholders of Reliance industries Ltd. The business also included products and services in retail and telecommunications industry.By this he founded jio which earned a top five spot in the country telecommunication service. Through reliance,he also owns the Indian premier league franchise Mumbai Indians and is the founder of IPL and football league in India.


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