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7 types of Advanced Cosmic Civilization.


7 types of Advanced Cosmic Civilization.

Energy, the word itself gives the pleasant vibe. Any activity to be done requires energy. Physical or mental energy is a must. In simple words energy is that strength and vitality required to carry out activities. The moment and continuously changing things around us need energy. If we have a lot of energy then it helps us in being active throughout the day but if we lack energy then even moving a cup of tea might seem like a tiring job. Everything around us has its own energy including humans , planet ,solar system and beyond. It sounds ok to say that you control your body by following diet and eating healthy in order to keep yourself energized.Now think about controlling the energies of our planet. Do you think it is possible?!. Imagine trying to control and navigate tornadoes, controlling weather conditions, controlling earthquakes and volcanoes etc . Well humans are on a continuous race to achieve that. In fact controlling Earth is just a small part of the big picture. Based on the seven types of Advanced Cosmic Civilization, human beings are trying to control the energies of the solar system, galaxies and more. This sounds more like that of a science fiction movie Guardians Of Galaxy, interstellar X-men etc . Sounds like stories written for these movies but that’s exactly what scientists are aiming at

Raymond Kurzweil,an American inventor and futurist also employed by Google as director of Engineering says, In the year 2045 there will be technological singularity. There will be a lot of speed in growth of technology by that year. Every second there will be one or the other scientific discoveries taking place. In his opinion humanity will unite and earth will become one joint computer making immense speed of progress.

There are seven types of Advance cosmic civilizations. Each one dealing with conquering energy at Higher levels. To measure at which civilization we are something called the “Kardashev scale” was invented . This was created by Russian astrophysicist Nikolay.S.Kardashev in the year 1963.The Kardashev scale measures how advanced of civilization’s technological achievements are. These achievements are based on the amount of energy it can harness.

Type 1 Civilization – Also known as Planetary Civilization. This deals with harnessing all the energy of its home planet. Utilising energies that are on and out of planets such as solar energy, thermal energy, hydro and wind energy etc.

Fun fact, we are nowhere close to type on Civilization. According to data on Global Energy consumption we have passed only 0.16 % .Now think about completing Type 1 and going till type 7 civilization. Would we be able to witness that day?. To complete Type 1 Civilization we humans need to extract , control and harness every single energy on earth.

Type 2 civilization- Ones humans can harness all energies on Earth then we will start doing interplanetary space exploration. If we can draw and utilise energy from other planets and stars then we become a type 2 civilization.

one of the ways to draw energy from a star is to build a megastructure around it called the “Dyson sphere”. It is like a balloon which traps air inside . This sphere completely encloses the star and traps all its energy. Then the trapped energy will be utilised for the purpose of home planet.

Type 3 Civilization – This civilization is on another level altogether. Civilization talks about capturing energy from the Galaxy. Controlling trillions of Dyson Spheres need a galaxy’s amount of energy to get this advanced.

Type 4 Civilization – Harnessing the energy of an entire Universe.

Type 5 Civilization – Deals with harnessing the energy of multiple universes.

Types 6 Civilization – After universes if there is something then that definitely is time and space. Controlling time and space. Creating Universes at our wish will make us the type 6 Civilization type

Type 7 Civilization – well if you got some wild imagination as in what might be more extreme than creating universes, then think that as type 7 Civilization.

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