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533 million Facebook users phone numbers and personal details leaked for free

              Facebook, one of the largest social networking platforms, helps people to stay connected virtually. But the technology is both boon and bane to the users. People using it must be careful as in the advanced world of technology nothing is safe. Alon Gal, Chief Technology Officer of cybercrime firm Hudson Rock tweeted on Saturday that about 533 million user’s personal details have been hacked using a low level hacking forum for free.

              It is not for the first time that Facebook is facing this problem, it has happened in the past too, though not frequently. In January 2020 millions of user’s information was leaked but in exchange for money on telegram but this time it is done for free. Facebook is trying to track the hackers through telegram but are unable to receive any response. 

              Alon Gal was the first to recognise the blunder and has shared the information that 533 million user’s from across 106 countries accounts have been hacked and personal details like name, phone numbers, Facebook ID, location, birthdates, bios and few cases emails addresses has been exposed for free. The previous blunder was corrected within a few days according to the spokesperson of Facebook and this time too they believe to make things normal as soon as possible.

             The information leaked by the hackers can be used for wrong purposes and can also be harmful, hence Alon Gal says that when user’s sign-up with such reputed companies with their personal details, it is the responsibility of the company to maintain contract and not allow any breaches to happen. He also adds on saying that the company must update its version where the user’s get the notification of such happenings and are aware of the details that are submitted.

             Hence Facebook must now take the right step to save the details of millions of people that are exposed for free and must also ensure that this does not repeat again. 

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